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Almond praline

Almond praline

This almond praline is great. The praline, on its own, is a caramel to which, in theory, you can add whichever dried fruits or nuts you want. Praline is a french form of confectionery, made with nuts and caramelized sugar, that can be colored or flavored in a lot of ways.

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This recipe is to make an almond praline, which we love because it works wonders as a topping for a lot of things.

This praline could be considered a dessert on its own, though you can also use it as a filling for cakes or to decorate several other desserts. Plus, it is really versatile since you can add almost any dried fuirt or nuts: peanuts, pecan nuts, hazelnuts, pistachios, etc. What really does matter is for it to always be composed of caramel and dried fruits or nut, which have to already be peeled (when needed) and toasted either on a pan or in the oven (which is so much better), this gives it all another layer of flavor.

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Almond praline recipe

Praline is made on a rectangular baking sheet or in any shape you want. Since its caramel, you should be really careful about it not sticking, so you should use parchment paper. It is not enough to use only butter and flour for it not to stick, you should at least use parchment paper, or even better, use a baking silicone mat, which are specially designed to bake things like these, which would normally stick a lot.

After baking the praline you have to let it cool down a little and the break it into smaller pieces to be able to eat it or use it however you want. You can break it into medium sized pieces or mash it to use it as a topping or filling, as we did with our almond praline and vanilla cake.

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Almond praline

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Prep Time 5 mins
Cook Time 10 mins
Total Time 15 mins
Course sweets


  • 1 C white sugar
  • 4.4 oz (125 gr) almonds peeled and toasted


  • Put the sugar in a sauce pan to low heat, and leave it there, so it melts slowly, without mixing or stiring at all (if you do the sugar will crystallize and the caramel won´t form).
  • Cut almonds into small pieces.
  • Once the caramel is done, sprinkle tha almonds all over it and tilt the sauce pan a little. 
  • Pour this mixture over a baking sheet lined with parchement paper and let it cool completely.
  • Eat it or use it the way you need it. 
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Almond praline

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