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Homemade buttermilk

Homemade buttermilk

This homemade buttermilk will help you solve those situations when you need buttermilk but you don’t have any. I don’t know if you have ever stumbled upon a recipe that calls for “buttermilk” (I know that in the USA this is really common, but not in most of the other countries). My sister and I sure have, many times. And I am not really sure about the other countries, but here in Mexico buttermilk is not easy to find, and there isn’t other similar producto to use instead. Buttermilk, is a dairy producto that is liquid and is sort of yellow-white, runnier than cream, with a low fat content, and an acid flavor to it.

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When we didn’t have buttermilk at hand, we would use milk instead. But once we started using this buttermilk recope we realized the consistency of our recipes improved dramatically. Why? Because baking powder (and all other chemical rising agents) work best when in an acid enviroment, tehrefore, if you use buttermilk in your recipes you will get fluffier and smoother desserts, meaning, buttermilk, because it’s acid, makes baking powders work better. This is why when we used to use milk instead of buttermilk we didn’t get the same results, and this is also why buttermilk is so called for in several recipes in the USA. From muffins, cakes, toe ven hotcakes or pancakes for example.

How to make homemade buttermilk

Now, there are a bunch of homemade buttermilk recipes. What you need is a dairy base, we use milk mosto f the time, but when we don’t have whole milk, for example, we use yogurt or even cream and it works just fine as well. To this dairy you add something acid, we always use fresh lemon juice. Then just mix a little and you’re done. And don’t worry if you see the mixture starts to sort of curdle, that is normal and is actually, exactly what we want. Then you can use this buttermilk in whatever you want.

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Servings 1 C


  • 1 C whole milk at room temperature
  • The juice of two limes or 1 lemon


  • In a bowl, pour the milk and the lemon juice. Let it rest for 10 min. until the mixture thickens.
  • And that´s it, you can use this buttermilk for any recipe that calls for it.
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Homemade buttermilk

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