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Austrian pancakes

Austrian pancakes

These austrian pancakes are great. They are really easy and quick to make. This recipe is perfect for when you feel like eating something good for the weekends but have no time to make something complicated. It is all mized together and cooked.

“Kaiserschmarrn”. Don’t ask how you read that because apparently is in german. They are a type of pancake common in Austria and they’re really easy to make. We tasted them a little while ago and we also had te chance to see how they are made. 

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Austrian panckes

The best is you don’t have to be careful to make them look cute, because their shape is meant to be irregular, so there is no way you make them look bad.

One of the usual ways to eat these is with some appleasauce on the side, to sort of dip them. Now, they sell applesauce in many places, ready to eat, but if you don’t find it here you have our applesauce recipe to make it at home. Other ways to eat these is with some fresh raspberries on the side, or even plum jam.

You could also eat them with some cream cheese, peanut butter or almond butter, any type of jam or maybe even honey. You can add whichever type of fruit you like on top, but it goes great with acid fruits, so kiwi, blackberries, or cranberries are a good idea.

This recipe calls for brown sugar to be added on top, now here it is important for it to be brown sugar and not the typical granulated white one, because brown sugar will fall apart easier than white sugar.

The sugar thing is pretty important because it gives the pancakes an extra crunch and gives them a caramel taste. They are soft and fluffy and the crisp on the outside.

If you like this recipe, you have to go see our classic hot cakes.

Austrian pancakes

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Prep Time 15 mins
Cook Time 5 mins
Total Time 20 mins
Servings 6


  • 5 eggs separated
  • 3 tbsp vanilla sugar or 3 tbsp white sugar and 3 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1 3/4 C all purpouse flour sifted
  • 2 C whole milk
  • 1.8 oz (50 gr) unsalted butter melted
  • 1/4 C brown sugar


  • Separate the egg yolks from the egg whites putting them in different bowls.
  • Beat the egg yolks with the sugar until the mixture is pale yellow, thick and forms a ribbon.
  • Incorporate the flour, little by little alterning with the milk (starting and finishing with the flour). Then add the butter and mix.
  • Beat the egg whites until soft peaks form, and incorporate them to the previous mixture  carefully with a rubber spatula. 
  • Pour a third of the mixture onto a hot pan with a little butter, that the mixture covers the whole surface, like it would happen with an omelette.
  • Wait 3 minutes just for the pancake to cook and then flip it. Tear the pancake irregulary with the spatula.
  • Then on top of that pour a third part of the brown sugar and keep moving so that the sugar starts to melt. 
  • Repeat the process from the 6th step twice more , until there´s no more mixture left and you are done! 
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Kaiserschmarrn recipe

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