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Our take on the vegan diet

Our take on the vegan diet

Before I start I want to clarify, for those that don´t know what a vegan diet is. A vegan person does not consume any animal products, none.

I think the first time I heard the word “vegan” I was about 16 years old. I don´t remember where I heard it, but the frist thing I did was grab my phone and make a quick google search and it peaked my interest. That same night I got home, and while in bed, I searched for videos, conferences, articles, blog posts, etc. all about veganism, and that very same night, after about four hours of research, I had made a decision: From then on I was vegan.

I was convinced because of several things, but the strongest point was the torture animals have to endure for us to eat and dress.

The next morning I announced it to my parents and siblings. They asked me how it worked and they agreed to support me on this.

In a matter of days I had watched dozens of documentaries about animal slaughter, and about the health benefits the diet has, and of course that was the only thing I could talk about with my friends and family, and I could tell I was making them uncomfortable but I didn´t care because I thoguht I was advocating for a bigger cause, something more important than all of us.

I liked feeling like a part of something, and was thrilled with being one of the few people that even knew about this lifestyle in my hometown. In the next few days I would look down on non vegans, I thought they were all fools that didn´t understand what only a few “enlightened” people (including me) understood, and I, somehow, had to take part in this indoctrination.

I am sure my parents thought it was just a phase of mine, and I would out grown it, but by the end of the third week my mom started to worry because I wasn´t eating healthy things (I would only eat bread, vegan cheese and fruit) and I obviously wasn´t getting the nutrients I needed, which is why she said she would take me to a dietitian and I agreed.

I don´t know how to described what happened in the next weeks, in my head, somehow, I decided I was no longer going to be vegan. One day I ate cheese and then another day an egg, and finally meat, and that was that.

Ever since then and 8 years later I am an omnivore. Vegans reading this are probably upset right now, and are probably judging me like I judged many people back then and how I, for a long time, judged myself. I would repeat over and over in my head the arguments both philosophical and biological of why we should all be vegan, but then I started forming arguments against all that and that was when I stopped feeling vegans where above everyone else (as it also happens with other things such as religion) and it was then that my mind and vision started to open. I had to be on both sides to be able to speak openly about the subject.

The problem with the vegan diet is that it is easier to have deficiencies in vitamin D, protein (vegetable protein does not absorb in the same way animal protein does), B complex, folic acid, iron, calcium, etc. which is why vegan people should be extremely careful and it is best to go to a dietitian because each body is different.

Don´t take me wrong, I am not saying being an omnivore is better than being vegan, or than being a vegetarian, or paleo, keto or whatever diets may arise in the future. What I´m trying to say is that what really bothers everyone about a lot of people is what I did, look down on other people.

Which is the healthiest diet? Ther´s a lot of evidence that suggests the omnivore diet it, but then again there´s a lot of evidence that suggests the vegan diet is, and the same with the rest, which is why there is no right answer to the previous question, as there are valid arguments on all sides.

For me personally, for my body, and because of health reasons, the best diet is being omnivore and I won´t let (just like you shouldn´t either) people appeal to a moral calling, and try to intervene in what is a personal decision.

The diet of each person has to vary according to her/his needs, sicknesses, alergies, genetics and to their economic posibilities too and all that has to be aligned with your belief system and with what you feel good with, and something extremely important, we should be comfortable eating in the same table alongside people with all kinds of diets on their plates, without looking down on each other as if our lifestyle was better than theirs.

What about you? What do you think about the vegan diet? Comment down below and let´s keep the conversation going.

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