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Vegetables cream soup

Vegetables cream soup

Vegetables cream soup is great for when you have a bunch of vegetables in your fridge and literally don´t know what to make with them, this is the best idea. Simple, quick and really healthy. A vegetable cream, which vegetables? the ones you find at home.

I usually knew creams as such because they called for some sort of cream, but I have realized that the mere act of boiling the vegetables and processing them with the water you cooked them with makes for a good consistency cream. I now refuse to use an unnecessary amount of grease when it does not make any difference.

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The only ingredient that I think it is always a staple when in comes to getting a good cream is using potatos. Potatos, because of it starch content, gives it softness and creaminess and that is why adding cream is not needed.

What you do have to take into account is that creams will be more or less creamy depending on the vegetables you use and the time you let them cooking. This is because there are vegetables more fibrous that even if you process them it may still be necessary to sift them. Nevertheless, I never sift creams before eating, even if they are somewhat clumpsy, because I want all the nutrients in my plate. This will depend on you, and how you like your creams.

Creams in general are considered a starter or side dish since they are usually not as filling, but it is a good idea to have this for dinner or lunch with a piece of bread… it will be something light but filling at the same time.

The prettiest thing about creams are the colors, always vibrant and natural, or at least that´s how it feels because you know you are eating whole foods full of nutrietns. That´s very important in our day to day life.

The recipe for this cream is simpler than making a quesadilla, you don´t have to perfectly chop the vegetables since they will be later processed. Because one thing is for sure: we all want easy and fast. The easiest thing is to go to the supermarket and buy a premade cream, but that´s why you should be planning your meals, or meal prep and cook just one or two days a week, that way you can always have something good to eat.

If you enjoy vegetable creams, check out our pumpkin cream recipe.

Vegetables cream soup

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Prep Time 8 minutes
Cook Time 27 minutes
Total Time 35 minutes
Course Appetizer, Soup
Cuisine Mediterranean
Servings 5


  • 2 carrots
  • 1 zucchini
  • 2 potatos medium sized
  • 1 piece leek
  • 1 onion
  • 1 clove garlic
  • 1 turnip
  • Olive oil
  • Salt to taste


  • In a pot, to medium heat, put some oil, the pumpkin, carrot, potato, onion and garlic. Cook by stiring and for all to turn golden a little for about 5 minutes.
  • Now pour water, needed amount and let it all cook. To make sure it is all well cooked use a fork or knife. The vegetables have to be soft inside.
  • Pour the vegetables and water in a blender and blend until you get a smooth mixture.
  • Pour the cream in the pot again and cook until it boils, stiring non stop. While this cooks, add salt, black pepper and nutmeg. Once it has boiled, serve while still hot.
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