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Chicken fajitas quesadillas

Chicken fajitas quesadillas

Chicken fajitas quesadillas. Quesadillas or “Quesadiarias” as my brother calls them, as in, eating them everyday. In Mexico quesadillas are so common we literally eat them for rbeakfast, for lunch or for dinner. A quesadilla is a tortilla with melted cheese inside, using either a flour or corn tortilla, it´s that easy.

Quesadillas are really imbeded in the mexican culture, we all mexicans love them.

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This time we bring you here these more interesting quesadillas, filles with chicken fajitas. My classic quesadillas are a tortilla folded in half but I have recently started making them by placing another tortilla on top (two tortillas against each other). The flavor is the same obviously but the shape is just different.

Quesadillas always have cheese in them, don´t be fooled by some that say quesadillas may have no cheese, because cheeseless quesadillas are just tortillas.

Quesadillas can be filled or eaten along with nearly anything you can think of, even sweet things. When I was little I used to eat my quesadillas with ketchup. I don´t even know where I got that from but it actually tastes great, you have to try it sometime.

In Mexico there are quesadillas everywhere, it is such a staple and it´s so versitile you can adapt it to however you prefer them. In the north of Mexico where I grew up it is common to eat them made with flour tortillas as if they were tacos, meaning, with some meat and sace in it. Plus, if tortillas are good or homemade it is just amazing.

Usually in Mexico quesadillas are made with a type of melting cheese called chihuahua (yes, like the dog) that melts beautifully and has a savory taste to it, but you can use any cheese you want as long as it melts well.

This recipe is really easy but we actually make our own homemade flour tortillas and the spices mix we use here. We give you here the recipes to make homemade flour tortillas, chicken fajitas and also the guacamole recipe because it is great to put some on top of these.

Chicken fajitas quesadillas

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Prep Time 5 mins
Cook Time 15 mins
Total Time 20 mins
Course Breakfast, Main Course, Snack
Cuisine Mexican
Servings 4


  • 1 batch of our fajitas de pollo
  • 8 flour tortillas big
  • 10.60 oz (300 gr) melting cheese
  • 2 tbsp (1 oz) (30 gr) unsalted butter


  • Put a pan on the stove over medium heat and put half of the butter on it.
  • To assemble the quesadillas place a tortilla on a plate, and put 1/4 of the melting cheese on it along with 1/4 of the chicken fajitas. Spread on the tortilla and then place another tortilla on top.
  • Put the quesadilla on the pan and let it cook for the cheese to melt for 2 minutes on every side for it to slightly turn golden brown.
  • Repeat the same process to make the rest of the quesadillas. Once ready, eat it along with some guacamole or spicy sauce.
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