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StreetXO Madrid: Street asian food of the highest level

StreetXO Madrid: Street asian food of the highest level

StreetXO is one of those restaurants you have to try if you live in Madrid (or are just passing by). I´ll describe StreetXO in just a few words. It is a restaurant with really good food that´s not at all expensive (compared to other places with similar dishes), and on top pf everything is pretty, fun and cool.

As soon as walkin in you can notice the asian inspiration of it all. You feel as if you were in a chinese market of sorts (I have never been to China, but that´s what it feels like). They put the music high in there, which helps set an edgy mood.

Dumplin pekinés
“SSAM” de panceta

Now, StreetXO does not take reservations. You have to get there early and get in the line. But it is not as you imagine it, you do not have to stay there waiting for hours standing up. You go there, get in the line, they write your name and phone number and tell you a tentative hour when your table will be ready. Then, when your table is ready you go there, and get straight in.


Now, I advice you to get there pretty early, to have a table by 21:30 or 22:00, because if you go later you will probably get a table by 23:00 or not at all.

Each dish in StreetXO is really thought through. They are amazing classic dishes or ingredients with a twist. Everything is perfectly cooked and made. When they serve you a dish they describe it and tell you exactly how you should eat it, which ir fun and informative at the same time.

Lasaña Koreana

A really fun part of the whole experience are the cocktails they have on the menu. They are just great, and are really fun, because they serve them in really colorful, fun glasses. I recommend ordering a cocktail along with your meal, it is a must.

Now, when it comes to what dishes to order exactly, we ordered 5 (we were 3 people) and ended up pretty full, in fact, I think it would have been better to only order 4 dishes.

Sandwich club

All the dishes we tried were a complete explosion in my mouth, which is just terrific. Of course I have my favorite dishes which I will continue ordering whenever I go back, and some others I will not order again to try some other ones. My favorites are the dumplings and the panceta, these twp are simply it.

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Laksa Singapore

The summary

  • What we ordered: Laksa Singapore, Dumplin Pekinés, Lasaña koreana, Sandwich club, SSAM de panceta ibérica.
  • Recommended dishes: SSAM de panceta ibérica, Dumplin pekinés y Sandwich club.
  • Average price: 40 Euros.
  • Web:
  • Reservations: No. They give tables based on arrival order.
  • Noise level: High.
  • Address: Calle de Serrano, 52, 28001 Madrid.
  • Would I come back: A hundred more times.

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