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MACAO: Original sushi downtown

MACAO: Original sushi downtown

MACAO is an original sushi restaurant in the center of Madrid, in the barrio de las letras, really close to the Sevilla and Antón Matín subway stations. It is a sushi place that promises different and original plates.

We went there for dinner on a saturday night. We made the reservation through the app El Teneder (it is great because it offers lots of discount on many restaurants).

Macao restaurant review madrid
Langostinos tigre and Special roll box (16 rolls)

The place was packed, all the tables were occupied and unless we had a reservation (which we had) we would not have been able to have dinner there. In the middle of august in Madrid, people would come in and ask if they had a table, but there were not any tables available (also maybe due to the COVID-19 protocols they have).

The place is really beautiful,it is well decorated and thougth. It has blue colors, wood in light shades and neutral colors, with a good lightning. They play some music on the background, which makes the ambience be great. The service is pretty good, not great but just good enough.

Macao sushi restaurant madrid special roll box
Special roll box (16 rolls)

Now, when it comes to food, which is what we are here for, we ordered a sushi box, their Special roll box of 16 rolls that were a mix of different and original rolls. And as a starter we ordered the langostinos tigre, which are shripms with tempura and a spicy dressing.

We did not care for the langostinos tigre, they had a cheesy flavor to them that we did not wuite know where it came from, and we did not enjoy. Also the tempura wasn´t as crispy as we expected it to be. The Speciall roll box was a bit better, but I would not say they were great, they were just good. Some rolls were good and some not as much.

Generally we would not be able to say if it was just that we did not order the correct dishes and they have things that are way better (because they do have a big menu and even have some chinese dishes too) or everything else is also not as good. You will have to try it for yourself and see if you like it or not.

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Macao sushi review madrid
Langostinos tigre

The summary

  • What we ordered: Langostinos tigre and Special roll box.
  • Recommended dishes: Special roll box (16 rolls).
  • Average ticket: 18 Euros.
  • Web:
  • Reservations: Yes.
  • Noise level: Medium.
  • Address: Calle del Príncipe, 16, 28012 Madrid.
  • Would I come back: No.

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