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Doli: the chic indian spot

Doli: the chic indian spot

Doli Indian restaurant. This is the cool Indian on Diego de León street. Doli is one of my favorite restaurants. I have been there on multiple occacions ever since I discoverd it. It is one of those restaurants you always go back to. Because it covers all the public wants. It is good (really good), cute and not so expensive.

Lamb madras Doli Madrid
Lamb Madras

The restaurant is really well decorated, with a vibe that reminds you of the food’s origin, full of colors, organic shapes, pendant lights, pillows and indoor plants. We have to mention that this place also has a terrace sitting area, which is great.

If you are one of those people that has never tried Indian food in their life, I seriously do not know what you are waiting for, because you are missing out on a lot. If you have tried it and like it, we are pretty sure you will love Doli.

Meal at Doli Indian Madrid

I like that feeling of going to a restaurant and feeling it is authentic, and still true to its origins. There is a charm that comes with that that can’t easily be replaced.

Butter Chicken Doli Indian in Madrid
Butter Chicken

The food is great (for real) they do a great job. Everytime I go there I get out of the restaurant feeling happy because I always enjoy it. The way they use spices is spectacular, plus they serve all their dishes well presented, they are instagrammable, which is alwasy a plus.

Butter Naan in Doli Madrid
Butter Naan

I always order their butter chicken and lamb madras (which is spicy). Now, we usually eat a lot of spicy things and we enjoy it, maybe because we are mexicans. But of course you can choose the level of spiciness you want since they ask you. That way you can fully enjoy it.

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The summary

  • What we ordered: Butter Chicken, Lamb Madras y Butter Naan.
  • Recommended dishes: Butter Chicken, Lamb Madras, Butter Naan, Aloo Samosa y Cheese Rollos.
  • Average ticket: 20 Euros.
  • Web:
  • Reservations: Yes.
  • Noise level: Low.
  • Address: Calle de Diego de León, 13, 28006 Madrid.
  • Would I come back: Of course!

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