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Belmondo: the “IT” italian in Madrid

Belmondo: the “IT” italian in Madrid

Belmondo is the must italian spot in Madrid. You have to make a resertion in their web page (they do not have a phone), in advance, about a week prior or so, to be able to get a table.

Lights in the entrance of Belmondo

The place is really beautiful. The decoration has a retro feeling to it, it is playful and fun. Just after steping inside, on the stairs, you find a giant mirror with neon lights, with the “forno star” phrase in the middle.

Belmondo terrace

Something really curious is that everybody who works there (or mainly everyone) is italian, so it makes an italian restaurant be even more interesting.

Belmondo interiors

Belmondo has a lot of “terrace” space, and I write it like this, because it really isn’t a terrace, but the whole decor makes you feel like it is, with lots of greenery and views. The food is pretty good. It is not that expensive (compared to other places similar) and it is good. The entire experience is great and fun.

Croquetas de boletus

The dishes we tried were all good. The menu is long and they have a big wine offering to choose from. The pasta is really delicious and the pizzas are thin and crisp, like a real pizza should be.

Serving the carbonara pasta

We ordered the croquetas de boletus as a starter (shared between a bunch of us), and we ordered a carbonara pasta and several pizzas to share. Our faovorite one is always margarita pizza. We have to mention that when ordering carbonara pasta, they bring two big servings, so keep that in mind. The best about it is that they serve the pasta by putting it in a big piece of cheese before putting it on your plate (as you can see in the picture).

Pizza margarita

The food is good, not exceptional, but good enoigh to recommend this place (mostly the pasta carbonara). Some dishes where just good while others were truly great.

Pasta carbonara

We have to highlight the decor, and the ambience, the excelent service of the staff, always friendly and fun, and the overall feel and mood. It makes you have a great time no matter who you go here with.

Terrace nook in Belmondo

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The summary

  • What we ordered: Pizza margarita, pasta carbonara, croquetas de boletus.
  • Recommended dishes: Pasta carbonara.
  • Average ticket: 25 Euros.
  • Web:
  • Reservations: Yes.
  • Noise level: Medium.
  • Address: Calle de Velázquez, 39, 28001 Madrid.
  • Would I come back: Yes.

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