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Hermanos Ordás: the best cachopo in Madrid

Hermanos Ordás: the best cachopo in Madrid

Hermanos Ordás is one of the best kept secrets in Madrid. It is an asturian restaurant that, probably serves, if I can say so, the best cachopo in the city.


When you first walk in, it will seem just like another typical snapish bar, a place where you go to have a beer and a tapa or maybe have a coffee and tostadas on the morning. But when you get to the back, to the restaurant side, you find sitting tables and a place full of wood on the walls that is packed with people and smells beautifully.

Cachopo Hermanos Ordás

And this is, probably, it’s charm. The fact that it is a place only people who know Madrid know, you know? Someone else would just think is another typical bar with nothing else to offer. But once inside, you realize this is the place to eat well and end up really satisfied.

Asturian cachopo in Hermanos Ordás
Asturian cachopo

The best thing to do here is to go with a bunch of people, to be able to eat and try several different dishes, because all of them are well served and filling.

Now, in the middle of the second wave of Covid-19 here in Spain, you can call and make a reservation and find a table quickly (which we recommend), but before all this happened, you would usually have to call about two weeks in advance to get a table on the weekends. And the truth is, having lunch is best here, not dinner. Or if you go to have dinner, then expect to be really full by the end of the night.


Here you can order a cachopo, which is really big, and, I’m telling you, the best in Madrid. You can also order a fabada, which is also really good.

Hermanos Ordás, is, briefly, the place you have to go to, no excuses!

Fabada in Hermanos Ordás

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The summary

  • What we ordered: Cachopo, fabada.
  • Recommended dishes: Cachopo, fabada.
  • Average ticket: 20 Euros.
  • Web:
  • Reservations: Yes.
  • Noise level: Medium.
  • Address: Calle de Diego de León, 63, 28006 Madrid.
  • Would I come back: Yes.

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