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10 best Valentine’s day desserts

10 best Valentine’s day desserts

We bring you here the 10 best valentine’s day desserts. No matter how much you have eaten, there’s always room for dessert. At for me there always is. Specially when it is Valentine’s day.

It is quite interestingm because in Mexico we celebrate the day of love and friendship, that’s how we call it, which I think is fabulous, since not only romantic relationships are celebrated but also friendships. It is a day to gift things to all of your loved ones, all types of love, not only for couples.

Now, I have always liked gifting food, specially desserts, to the people I care about, is a way that I show love. Homemade cookies, an elaborate cake, a fine dessert that tastes amazing, and so many other things.

Then I think about Valentine’s day desserts I think of sweet recipes, chocolate and whipped cream, and small portions to share and gift.

And since Valentine’s day’s comming up, I couldn’t resist sharing the 10 best Valentine’s day desserts, not matter if you celebrate it alone, as a couple, with friends, or a mixture of all of the above.

Valentine's day dessert recipes

1. Red velvet whoopie pies. These are a small double red velvet cookies filled with cream cheese frosting, and some heart shaped sprinkles. I like putting about 3 to 4 of these in a small bag with a bow to gift my friends!

2. Chocolate chip cookie cupcakes. These cupcakes are simply really good. The cake is vanilla flavored, with a chocolate chip cookie filling that stays soft, and a vanilla frosting with chocolate chip cookie pieces. It is soft, sweet and probably one of the best cupcakes ever!

3. Strawberry swirl cheesecake bars. These are perfect to gift the people you love. They are made into small squares to be easy to eat. With a strawberry swril these are amazing, sweet, fresh and oh so cute!

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4. Red velvet cucapkes. These cupcakes are a classic. They have a slight taste of chocolate, with a cream cheese forsting that brings it all together! Plus, with their red color they are just it for Valentine’s day, to gift that special person!

5. Double chocolate cookies. These cookies are glorious. They are really soft and chocolatey. They are made of chocolate and have chocolate pieces, which is why we call them double chocolate cookies. They are soft, chewy and really good.

chocolate cake pops

6. Chocolate cake pops. Cake pops are very versitile, and always look good. They are a great treat, to use in events, parties or pretty much anywhere. These are chocolate cake pops covered in white chocolate with pink sprinkles. They are like small bites of cake that are also really pretty, YUM!

7. 3 ingredient nutella brownies. If you want to gift something cute and for everyone to be amazed, but don’t like cooking that much, then this is the recipe for you. These brownies literally only call for 3 ingredients. It is that easy and simple, just like that you have something everyone will love!

8. Butter cookies. These cookies are one of those recipes we all love. They are really easy to make, they are pretty and are great to use as a gift for the special people in your life, specially for special events of all kind.

10 best vlanetine's day desserts

9. Strawberry mini pavlovas. We love all types of pavlovas. They are a sweet, light and soft dessert. And this version has a cream and strawberry jam topping with a fresh strawberry on top. They look gorgeous, you will impress your partner or your friends for sure.

10. Chocolate covered frozen banana pops. These are an easy snack or dessert. The banana is soft and cool, the chocolate sweet and the sprinkles are the special extra crunch they need. If you have never tried them, what are you waiting for? You can make this recipe on Valentine’s day with children or with someone special.

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