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Pan Springs: the chic brunch in Los Mochis

Pan Springs: the chic brunch in Los Mochis

Pan springs is the new spot in Los Mochis. For all of us, brunch lovers, this is the place to go on a saturday morning to have breakfast or brunch, with some friends or family.

Eggs benny Pan Springs
Eggs benny

I had been wanting to go here for a long time until finally I was able to, and I have to admit I was really excited to go! I love brunch, most of you already know that. It is a breakfast, but more filling, and you can have dessert too, and order whatever you want if you feel like it.

The restaurant is really pretty, it is on Madero street, well located and in the middle of the city. The place is pretty big and it has several tables, plus a patio with outdoor lights, so cozy. The whole place is colorful, in pastel colors, really california and Palm springs’ style.

When the waiter asked what I wanted to order I was sure I wanted the eggs benedict, “eggs benny” as they call them here, and it is usually the same thing I order when I go to get brunch, maybe because I love eggs. Now, when we went here it was the two of us and two other friends, so we were four, but we weren’t able to try all the dishes because they also ordered the eggs benedict.

Classic pancakes Pan springs
Pancakes clásicos

Then, for something sweet, we ordered classic pancakes to share, and then, as a dessert, we ordered a piece of carrot cake.

The eggs benedict were delicious and the potato wedges on the side too. One thing is I would have liked the dish to have two eggs benedict instead of just one, and for it to have less salad, but maybe people like the salad better and it is just me. When I go to get brunch I feel like eating more than usual.

Pan springs' entrance

The pancakes could be better. Don’t get me wrong, they are good, but, to me, they are a bit too dense. I know they try to go for the souffle pancake look, and they do look gorgeous!. The piece of cake we had was glorious, so so good!

When I go back, I want to try more of their dessert and cake options, and of course, their sweet mexican breads. They sell them to take home in pink boxes, they looked so good!

Eggs benedict
Eggs benedict

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The summary

  • What we ordered: Eggs benny, classic pancakes, cake, tangerine juice.
  • Recommended dishes: Eggs benny, cake.
  • Average ticket: $200 mexican pesos.
  • Web:
  • Reservations: Yes.
  • Noise level: High.
  • Address: Bahía de Topolobampo 11, Jordán Madero, 81245 Los Mochis, Sin., México.
  • Would I go back: Yes.

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