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Quispe, the exquisite Peruvian in Alonso Martinez

Quispe, the exquisite Peruvian in Alonso Martinez

Quispe is probably the best Peruvian restaurant in Madrid, or the best I have ever tasted. Their menu consists of Peruvian dishes with an original twist, and they also have Nikkei cuisine in their menu, which is a mixture of Peruvian and Japanese food, and is delicious.

Quispe restaurant review
Tiradito de salmón y mango

Peruvian food has been booming for several years now, at least in Spain, and I would say, perhaps, in many parts of the world. It is a fresh cuisine, with quality ingredients, that is healthy and has interesting flavors.

Now, Quispe, takes all this to another level. Almost every dish we tried gave me “foodgasms”, that’s what I call and orgasm in the mouth, caused by food that is delicious. Everything was an explosion of flavor and ingredients that worked and looked fantastic together.

The dishes to highlight in Quispe are the salmon and mango tiradito and the diced eggplant and padron, both dishes are an extraordinary combination of flavors. They are flavors that never tire, I would eat a thousand of these two dishes if I could.

Quispe eggplant
Dados de berenjena y padrón

The place is very cozy, with low and warm lights, it is the perfect place to take a date, a dinner group of or a formal meal with family. It is located in the Alonso Martinez area, so it is surrounded by many bars and places to go for a walk after eating a lot, and I say eating a lot because after trying one thing you will want to order the whole menu.

Tiradito de salmón y mango y cebiche apaltado

Quispe is not just one of those places you have to try once, for the experience. Quispe is a place you have to repeat at least several times every season. It should become one of those restaurants that become repetitive. Every Sunday lunch there, or something like that.

Cebiche apaltado

The service, moreover, is spectacular. They guide you, explain things calmly, and help you choose dishes that you like. You can tell that the ingredients are of very high quality, and they are prepared very well. Many of the dishes have unexpected mixtures of flavors, which together work perfectly. They use a lot of spice, acidic flavors and varied textures.

Quispe madrid restaurant
Tequeños de ají de gallina

It’s the kind of place whre you feel rgeat when the bill comes, as you want to thank them in som way, because you love everything, and you want to say thank you for how well everything is going.

There are different seats and areas in the restaurant for different types of meals, and the whole place is decorated with things allusive to Peru, but without being too much, which is very nice.

Suspiro a la limeña

The Summary

  • What we ordered: Tiradito de salmón y mango, cebiche apaltado, dados de berenjena y padrón, tequeños de ají de gallina and suspiro a la limeña
  • Recommended dishes: Tiradito de salmón y mango, cebicche apaltado and dados de berenjena y padrón
  • Average ticket: 30€
  • Web:
  • Reservations: Yes
  • Noise level: Medium
  • Address: C. de Orellana, 1, 28004 Madrid, España
  • Would I go back: A thousand times yes

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