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Eatmytrip Madrid: a foreign brunch

Eatmytrip Madrid: a foreign brunch

Eatmytrip is a restaurant or cafeteria specialized in brunch, which originally started in Barcelona. There, there are many brunch places, unlike in Madrid. In Madrid, there are only a few places of this kind of concept.

We have decided to call it a foreign brunch, because in Spain, the idea of a “brunch” is quite new, and it is a concept that comes from abroad, that little by little people are getting to know. And the fact is that in Spain (unfortunately for me) they are not very fond of desserts or the idea of an elaborate breakfast or brunch. Usually, at home, people eat something very light for breakfast, being the most typical a toast with tomato and olive oil and a cup of coffee (among others). Also, in the traditional Spanish cafeterias, they usually sell toast with mashed tomato, or with jam, or a bocata, which is like a sandwich, with Iberian ham and cheese, orange juice, and coffee, there is not much more variety.

We tell you what there is to know about Eatmytrip Madrid

That’s why I love the idea of a brunch, especially because I’ve always liked it. I love the idea of eating both savory and sweet things in one sitting, that are well made and that are a complete meal.

Eatmytrip is a restaurant that serves food all day long, and they specialize in brunch. The type of brunch they do is very inspired by American and English food, among others, that is, breakfasts that are typical or more common in other places, and not so much in Spain. This makes it a very refreshing concept in Spain, and ideal for a special occasion with close friends.

Eatmytrip has a resturant in Barcelona, and now there are two of them in Madrid, one near La Latina, and another in Malasaña. The one we have been to is the one near La Latina.

They serve the dishes beautifully presented, and nicely decorated, which is lovely. Eatmytrip Madrid is a cozy place full of decorations, that is always packed with people, and that makes it feel very familiar, although this can also make it feel a bit chaotic as well at times.

Eatmytrip Madrid a foreign brunch a review

The food is quite good, the original combinations of typical dishes from other places, but using some Spanish ingredients is very good. Each dish is a complete show of colors, shapes and textures, which is charming. Even so, I do have to say, some dishes could be better leave in terms of the combination of flavors, and the ingredients themselves.

Overall, it’s a place you have to go to, because it’s fun to see, taste, and get to know. It’s casual, and beautiful. I have many more dishes left to try, because they all look great!

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Eatmytrip Madrid: a foreign brunch

The Summary

  • What we ordered: Macho ibérico benedict, Guacascramble, dessert of the day, orange juices
  • What we recommend: Macho ibérico benedict, Guacascramble
  • Average ticket: 25€
  • Website:
  • Reservations: Yes
  • Noise level: High
  • Address: C. de la Moreria, 11, 28005 Madrid and C. de Manuela Malasaña 17
  • Would I go back: Yes

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