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El farallón: the best in Los Mochis

El farallón: the best in Los Mochis

El Farallón is the restaurant of Los Mochis par excellence, at least for several years. It is a reference in seafood cuisine, especially hot seafood. It is probably the best restaurant of its kind in the city.

El farallón los mochis
Pescado con champiñones y aceite de ajonjoli picoso

Over the years, the dishes and cuisine of the Farallón have been reinvented, gradually changing the ways of cooking and introducing new ideas with the passing of time. Now, of course, there are many dishes that have been around for a long time and are still on the menu, they are classics.

Seafood el farallón Los Mochis
Calamar relleno tokio

There are many dishes that are very worthwhile, while there are others that are just good. Something to highlight at Farallón is the quality of the raw material. Everything they use is very good, and that, when you have the final result in a dish, is very noticeable. Everything is fresh and prepared at the moment, which is much appreciated.

The cuisine and dishes are very well cared for and thought out. In addition, most of them are well achieved, from the creative moment in which they plan them until they are served and we taste them. Now, the menu is very varied, but the heart of it all is sea cuisine, so everything revolves around that.

El farallón el mejor de los mochis
Salmón en salsa de tres quesos

The service is also something to highlight because it is phenomenal. The people who serve you are patient, friendly and know the dishes. The place is nice, decorated in neutral colors with blues, with warm light and materials reminiscent of the sea. Even so, the design could be improved a lot, and still maintain the seriousness and elegance that characterize it.

We have been to Farallón many times, and we have tried many dishes, but this time we are going to talk about the ones we ordered and tried this time. The ceviche latino is very good, it is something I recommend to try, and the same goes for the stuffed squid tokyo. The salmon in three cheese sauce is very good, but not one of my favorites. And the fish with mushrooms and spicy ajonjoli sauce is one of the dishes I always order and always leaves me happy and satisfied, it may be my favorite of the entire menu.

Ceviche latino

The Summary

  • What we ordered: Ceviche latino, pescado con champiñones y aceite de ajonjoli picoso, camalar relleno tokio and salmón en salsa de tres quesos
  • Recommended dishes: Ceviche latino, pescado con champiñones y aceite de ajonjoli picoso and camalar relleno tokio
  • Average ticket: $250 mexican pesos
  • Website:
  • Reservations: Yes
  • Noise level: High
  • Address: Av Gral Álvaro Obregón 499, Centro, 81200 Los Mochis, Sin., México
  • Would I go back: Yes

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