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Ken: a glorious teppanyaki

Ken: a glorious teppanyaki

Ken, is a Japanese restaurant in Barcelona. It is a tappanyaki place, which means that they have an area where they cook almost everything they serve you right there, in front of you. This is a lot of fun, because it becomes a kind of show, which is very entertaining.

Tataki de ternera

You order what you want to eat, and a lot of the dishes are prepared right there in front of you on the spot, put on a plate and put in front of you for you to enjoy.

Rollo de atún

Ken is a very local restaurant. Many families and people who have known the place for a long time go there, which is very charming, because many of them arrive and greet the owners, and they already know their favorite dishes, and know what to order without even looking at the menu.

Calamares rellenos

Going for lunch or dinner here is a whole experience. It is guaranteed that you will leave the place feeling satisfied and happy, it is such s pleasure to go. From the way they treat you, the product they use, the way they cook it, and the place itself, everything is very well taken care of.

It is a pleasure to see how they cook everything on the teppanyaki grill, it is a spectacle, and the atmosphere is very pleasant. All the people who go there are very polite and friendly, in addition to the waiters themselves, it’s like having dinner with family.


If, like us, you like Asian food, or specifically Japanese food, you have to go to Ken’s at least once. Best of all, you will want to go back many more times.

Nigiris de atún y salmón

The dishes are light and incredibly well cooked. Each and every one is well thought out and well prepared. Everything we ordered was delicious, and each dish was better than the other. We do highlight, without a doubt, the stuffed squid (calamares rellenos), which are wonderful!

Mochi de te verde

The Summary

  • What we ordered: Tataki de ternera (beef tataki), rollo de atún (tuna roll), calamares rellenos (stuffed squids), gyozas, nigiris de atún y salmón (tuna and salmon nigiris), mochi de te verde (green tea mochi)
  • What we recommend: Tataki de ternera (beef tataki), calamares rellenos (stuffed squids), nigiris de atún y salmón (tuna and salmon nigiris)
  • Average ticket: 30€
  • Website: Ken barcelona
  • Reservations: Yes
  • Noise level: High
  • Address: Carrer De Benet Mateu 53, 08034 Barcelona, Barcelona
  • Would I go back: Of course

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