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Chic sushi: good, nice and inexpensive

Chic sushi: good, nice and inexpensive

Chic sushi is a Japanese dish that has it all, and that’s why it has become one of my favorites. It is, as many of us say, good, nice and inexpensive. It is a sushi place with many dishes on the menu, which makes it very varied.

Chic dragon

The place is very nice and is in a very good area of Madrid, full of life, bars, and shops surrounding it. The food is fresh and the dishes are original and full of flavor. I especially like to order makis or uramakis when I go here, because they are something simple that comes out phenomenally. Besides that, they have many other rolls with combinations of ingredients that are great.

Slim de salmón

Another important thing is that the price is very good, taking into account the quality of sushi they offer and dishes they serve, the value for money is spectacular.

Chic business

I recommend making a reservation in advance if you want to go, because it tends to fill up a lot. Somehow it is not such a well-known restaurant in Madrid, but it is like one of those places that those who know good places, know, if you know what I mean. For us, it was great to discover. I am thankful places like this exist.

Chic dragon

Something to highlight are the mochis. I’m crazy about mochis, but they don’t make them well everywhere. Here, they are some of the best mochis I have ever tasted. I recommend trying the cheesecake mochis specially, since they are my favorite ones.

Chic tempura

The Summary

  • What we ordered: Slim de salmón, chic dragon, chic tempura, chic business
  • Recommended dishes: Slim de salmón, chic tempura, chic business
  • Average ticket: 25€
  • Website:
  • Reservations: Yes
  • Noise level: Medium
  • Address: C. del Caballero de Gracia, 12, 28013 Madrid
  • Would I go back: Yes

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