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Xuba tacos: THE Authentic tacos in Barcelona

Xuba tacos: THE Authentic tacos in Barcelona

Xuba tacos, the authentic tacos in Barcelona. They are probably the best tacos I have tasted in Spain. They are well thought tacos and made almost to perfection!

In Spain, they sell many types of tacos, especially, being very common, tacos al pastor, in many cities, and they sell for example, tacos al pastor, nopales tacos, carne asada tacos (in some places), suadero tacos, mushroom tacos and similar, but all of them are quite similar to one another.

In the case of Xuba tacos, they are more thought out tacos, like a taqueria but one of those taquerias where you sit down for a little longer. They have classic tacos from all over Mexico, from different parts of the country. They have, for example, fish tacos like those sold in the northwest of the country, they have great carne asada tacos, as they are made in the traditional way. Tacos al pastor, gringas (quesadillas with pastor), and many other types of tacos very different from each other, which represent very well the whole offer of tacos that exists in Mexico. They make tacos that are typical in every area of Mexico, which is great.

If your conception of tacos is that they are all the same, you have to go to Xuba tacos, to make your head explode when you realize all the types and varieties of tacos that exist and can exist in reality.

They make use of many very traditional Mexican ingredients, varied sauces, types of tortillas, and ways of cooking, which, as a Mexican, made me feel at home, and made me admire the creativity of those who created the menu.

In addition, they sell aguas frescas, something so culturally important when it comes to Mexico. It is typical to go to eat tacos and order an agua fresca, whichever one you like best. It is something you have to try.

Finally, the place is very nice. It’s like any other taqueria in Mexico, but made pretty. You can see when they cook many of the dishes, because part of the kitchen is open, which is always fun and interesting to see.

So, for taco lovers and for those not as sure, I say to all of you, you will fall in love with Xuba tacos, for sure!

The Summary

  • What we ordered: Quesadillas al pastor, taco al pastor, taco de carne asada, taco de lubina, agua de tamarindo, agua de jamaica
  • Recommended dishes: Quesadillas al pastor, taco al pastor, taco de carne asada, taco de lubina, agua de tamarindo, agua de jamaica
  • Average ticket: 20€
  • Website:
  • Reservations: Yes
  • Noise level: High
  • Address: C/ de Mallorca, 194, 08036 Barcelona, España
  • Would I go back: Of course, yes!

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