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Crema y nata: the new brunch in Los Mochis

Crema y nata: the new brunch in Los Mochis

Crema y nata is a breakfast, brunch and lunch restaurant in Los Mochis. We call it the new brunch, because, from the menu they have, it seems to be the part they specialize in the most, and at the time when most people go.

We understand that the name “crema y nata” comes from the expression “crema y nata”, which means the best of the best, or the most “posh” of a certain category.

The place is in a pretty good location, surrounded by many shops in a small square, and with a park or in the back, which makes it very charming, because even some of the tables are placed on that side of the garden.

The restaurant is simply decorated but nice, with light colors and some interesting texture. Now, let’s get to the heart of the matter, as for the food, it left me a little to be desired, and at the same time, I have to go back to try more things on the menu and be able to say about the rest of the things.

We ordered chilaquiles in green sauce, a croissant with egg and bacon, and a yogurt with fruit, all accompanied by orange juice and a green juice. As for the drinks, they were very good, not too sweet (something that sometimes happens) but well balanced. The fruit with yogurt was good, but nothing special, in the end it is fruit with yogurt, although I have to say that I liked the combination of fruits they had and the granola too, very tasty.

The best part of all was the corissant, it had a very good texture, and stuffed with the egg and bacon it was phenomenal. The salad on the side was a bit filling, but it was nice to have something fresh. The salad dressing was very good, a little sweet which was nice, but it would be better to add some other ingredient so it’s not just lettuce and tomato with dressing. All in all, the croissant was delicious, so we highly recommend it.

One thing that impressed us was the taste, or rather, the lack of taste, of the chilaquiles in salsa verde. We ordered the chilaquiles because we thought it would be a good dish to represent the cuisine of the place, being something so traditional, and the truth is that they fell very short. The beans they had on the side were okay, normal, but the chilaquiles themselves were very tasteless. The sauce didn’t have much flavor, it was a very simple sauce, and there was very little of it. In general they needed to season it well and work more on the sauce, and maybe add more cheese, or another type of cheese on top. We were very disappointed.

Overall the experience was good, but you have to see what you are ordering if you want to go, to order something that is good. From what I saw of the menu, I’m sure there are many other things that are very good. On other occasions I’ve gone too, and I’ve ordered a chai latte or a coffee, and the truth is that they were pretty good. So that’s great.

The Summary

  • What we ordered: Chilaquiles en salsa verde, croissant son huevo y tocino, fruta con yogurt, jugo de naranja y jugo verde
  • Recommended dishes: Croissant son huevo y tocino, fruta con yogurt, jugo de naranja
  • Average ticket: $250 mexican pesos
  • Website:
  • Reservations: Yes
  • Noise level: Medium
  • Address: Blvd. Canuto Ibarra Guerrero 638, Jardines del Sol, 81248 Los Mochis, Sin., México
  • Would I go back: Yes

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