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Le Gueuleton: A french delicacy in Bordeaux

Le Gueuleton: A french delicacy in Bordeaux

Le Gueuleton a french delicacy is a restaurant that we went to while we were traveling a few days in Bordeaux. We wanted to go have dinner one day somewhere worthwhile and we wanted it to not be one of these places that are made for tourists and are not very good. Le Gueuleton was recommended to us by a guide on a wine tour we took, and it was a very good idea.

Gueuleton, a great french restaurant

We ate some green asparagus, which had bacon, leek and a sauce on top. This dish was awesome. It may have been the best green asparagus I have ever eaten in my life. It was cooked to perfection.

We ordered some Gueuleton potatoes and had no regrets. Also, as with the asparagus, some of the best potatoes I’ve ever had in my life. They were perfect. Soft inside and wrinkled outside, crispy and full of flavor, with a touch of spice, but not too much. Just done perfectly.

Gueuleton potatoes

We also ordered some padron peppers, which are a classic in Spain as well, and we were not disappointed, they were delicious. Finally we had lamb, which was prepared in a very simple but delicious way, with a sauce on top that let the meat shine. We left nothing, because everything was delicious.

Le Gueuleton: A french delicacy

For dessert, we ordered a paris breast, and a creme brulee. The paris breast was very good, but the creme brulee was the best I have ever had. It was a classic creme brulee, without any weird variations, but it was a creme brulee made simply but immaculately, with the taste and balance of flavors and ingredients super well achieved! The perfect ending to a great dinner.

We accompanied everything with a bottle of red wine from the region and we couldn’t be happier. If you happen to be in bordeaux this is a place you have to go to.

The portions were very well measured, and all the dishes were simple but very well done.

The restaurant is in a very nice area, with many other restaurants around, and the place inside is simple, yet really charming. The menu was only in French, which says a lot. It means it’s a place made for locals, which we love.

The Summary

  • What we ordered: Green asparagus, gueuleton potatoes, padron peppers, lamb, creme brulee and paris breast
  • Recommended dishes: Green asparagus, gueuleton potatoes, lamb and creme brulee
  • Average ticket: 35€
  • Website:
  • Reservations: Yes
  • Noise level: Medium
  • Address: 5 Pl. du Palais, 33000 Bordeaux, Francia
  • Would I go back: Yes
Le Gueuleton: A french delicacy

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