Peanut butter banana brownies

These peanut butter banana brownies are delicious. It’s no news that the mixture of banana with chocolate always tastes great, and the same goes for chocolate and peanut butter, together they make a wonderful couple. So putting all three ingredients together in one recipe to make these brownies is a terrific idea. Banana is a […]

Coconut ice cream

This coconut ice cream is wonderful! It’s sweet, fresh, and with lots of coconut flavor, which we love. From my point of view, recipes that are made with a specific ingredient have to taste like the ingredient they are from. I mean, a strawberry cake has to taste like strawberries, or blueberry cookies have to […]

Flat turkish bread ekmek

Flat turkish bread ekmek is a very typical Turkish country bread used as a side dish to many meals. Its shape is circular and it is very easy to make because no special utensils are needed as with other recipes. In addition, the ingredients are things that we all usually have at home at all […]

Spanish papajotes

Spanish papajotes are one of the most typical sweets or desserts from Jaén, in Spain. They are round deep fried bite size biscuits, which inside have a texture similat to a cake, and not bread-like, like donuts, for example. Many people also call them paparajotes here in Spain. They are a very typical dessert, especially […]

Deep fried oreos

These deep fried oreos are great. For us, they were a surprise. The truth is that the idea of fried oreos may sound like a bit too much, because the oreos already have a lot of flavor by themselves. Still, making these deep fried oreos is always a good idea. When the oreos are fried, […]

Chocoflan, the impossible cake

Chocoflan is a dessert, a mixture of chocolate cake and flan (creme caramel), hence the name chocoflan. Now, many people call it the impossible cake, because the two mixtures are prepared separately (the chocolate cake and the flan), but then, when cooked, both things are put together, and without any separation, in the same cake […]

Via granados: the ultimate sunday lunch

Via Granados is “the restaurant” to go to for a good Sunday lunch. That is the best description for this place. And I say Sunday because it is the best place to eat with family or friends in those moments when all you is to eat well! Besides the restaurant is beautiful on the inside. […]

Coffee flavoured cake

This coffee flavoured cake is delicious. It is moist, fluffy, soft, creamy, sweet, intense and full of flavor. It’s a cake that most people love, especially because it’s a flavor that almost all of us like and enjoy. And the good thing here is that, even if you don’t like coffee (or don’t usually drink […]