Pistachio poke cake

This pistachio poke cake is a marvel! It is a simple cake that just tastes amazing. If you like pistachios, or find them at least interesting you have to try this cake, because pistachio works perfectly with sweet flavors, as it pairs deliciously! Making a cake that is simple, like this one, is really comforting. […]

Chocolate truffles

These chocolate truffles are a very concentrated chocolate shot, and they are delicious! Chocolate truffles are called this way because they are reminiscent of black truffles, which are a very special and delicious ingredient, irregularly shaped, but usually in the form of a little ball. Well, these truffles are made of chocolate, and they are […]

Coconut muffins

These coconut muffins are soft and fluffy, they are very moist and decadent, and have a coconut crumble on top that is crispy and full of flavor. Both parts, the muffin and the crumble on top complement each other wonderfully, and the result is a delicious muffin! Coconut is a strong flavored ingredient, which dominates […]

White chocolate pound cake

This white chocolate pound cake impressed me. It is a delicious pound cake that calls for white chocolate in the mixture. This makes the pound cake rich and decadent. It also makes it have a sweetness underneath, that is noticeable at the end in the mouth, when eating it, which tastes very good. It is […]

Lemon magic cake

This lemon magic cake is called this way because when it is made, it seems that everything has gone wrong, and that the result is not going to be good. But the magic happens inside the oven. And this is because inside the oven, the ingredients of this dessert separate and then form two layers […]

Chocolate cake with raspberries

This chocolate cake with raspberries is the perfect combination of a rich flavor, such as chocolate, and something fresh, raspberries. The result is a simple cake that has a lot of personality and is full of flavor. We call for butter for this cake, and not oil. Using butter gives it a more “full-bodied” texture, […]

Lemon tiramisu

This lemon tiramisu is a fresh, sweet and decadent dessert, It is simply great for this spring and summer season. It is a cold dessert, which makes it even better. The traditional tiramisu is a classic Italian recipe, which is very similar to this one, but instead of using lemon as the main ingredient, it […]

Le Gueuleton: A french delicacy in Bordeaux

Le Gueuleton a french delicacy is a restaurant that we went to while we were traveling a few days in Bordeaux. We wanted to go have dinner one day somewhere worthwhile and we wanted it to not be one of these places that are made for tourists and are not very good. Le Gueuleton was […]

Banana bread

Freshly baked banana bread is the best thing you can have for rainy days. Our mom would make it usually in rainy days for as long as I can remember. We talk about her a lot on this blog, and that’s because she taught us many of the basics of cooking and baking. The more […]

Puff pastry apple tart

This puff pastry apple tart is one of the easiest desserts you can make. I love all apple desserts, because I really like the flavor that of apples combined with slightly sweeter ingredients. Now, the key to make this dessert be easy and quick is to buy the puff pastry dough at the supermarket, already […]