We bring to you here the essential baking tools for beginners, the products we love and recommend. We have chosen those articles you will need for baking and or cooking, all personally curated by us, and bring here to you our affiliate links where you can buy them. We love the style, colors and materials of each. We hope you love them too!

If you need a guide as to what to buy go to our kitchen tools beginners need to start baking, there we talk about why you need each, and it will help you decide which you need first, that way you can work your way up until you have all you need.

These products are sold in the USA.

Kitchenaid artisan series, blue
A good mixer that lasts a lifetime, in a color we absolutely adore.
Melamine cake stand, yellow
A colorful cake stand, that will withstand time and in a color every cake will look good in.
9 piece set copper stainless steel measuring cups & spoons
Durable cups and spoons in a fashionable color
Wood handled silicone spatula, white
The spatula you need, in wood and silicone, for all those batters you are about to make.
3 piece pyrex glass mixing bowl set
A great 3 piece set of lasting bowls, an investment of a lifetime
Nonstick baking sheet, bronze
or cookies, breads, and all types of desserts.
Ceramic mixing bowl, natural stone
An alternative to the typical glass bowl, that looks great!
Round cooling rack, copper
The classic cooling rack you need, but round shaped, looks prettier.
Springform baking pan, gray
A round cake pan with walls that dettach, this is ideal for making cheesecakes.
Nonstick muffin pan, bronze
A muffin or cupcake pan, in a rose gold color to make it all prettier.
Glass cake stand with dome
Present cakes, breads, cupcakes, you name it, the dome makes those baked goods last longer.
Oven mitts
Oven mitts in gray color, imple and cute, for baking in style.
Cotton linen apron
A simple apron in natural color, perfect for looking good while busy in the kitchen.