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Who are we?

Who are we?

Warning: this is a blog of mexicans that uses mexican words, although we live in Spain.

Hello, we are two Mexican sisters who live in Madrid… this is our truest description. We have been together since forever and we have been sharing our dreams and goals for a while now. One of them is this space that we have created with all our love and that we now want to share with you.

We come from a land full of amazing things, mostly food, and we come from a home where the most important room is the kitchen. We were taught to eat well, to enjoy a complete piece of cake without guilty, but blame our dad who has the sweetest tooth in history. Food for us means love, health, pleasure, well-being but mostly sharing.

Outside the kitchen we also have a life. We love to walk pointlessly just to talk about stuff, going to the supermarket together even if we just buy a carrot, make Friday movie nights in our pijamas, have sushi for dinner at least once a month… you know, freaky stuff of inseparable sisters.

You can imagine now what this blog is about: recipes for you to enjoy and be inspired in the kitchen. This space is for those who, just like us, love to eat and all the laughter, kisses, chatter, stories, memories and good moments that this great pleasure of life entails.

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We are Irmi and Andy.

We want to share with you our desire to eat life and some good donuts. All our recipes are made with love for you to enjoy and get inspired in the kitchen.

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