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4 ingredient oreo truffles

4 ingredient oreo truffles

These 4 ingredient oreo truffles are probably one of the easiest recipes we have on the blog. They are quick to make and they turn out delicious evrytime. Who doesn’t like oreo cookies?

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How to make 4 ingredient oreo truffles

Chocolate truffles (or any other ingredient truffles) are balls that are usually covered either with chocolate or some other kind of coating. In the case of this recipe these are oreo truffles. The cookies are mixed with cream cheese, a combination that is always perfect, and then covered with a simple chocolate ganache, and decorated with cake sprinkles or any type of colorful sprinkles you like.

The filling is smooth and creamy, with a very nice texture to it. And the combination of this filling with a the chocolate layer and sweetness and crispyness of the sprinkles with which they are decorated make a mixture that I absolutely love.

This is one of those simple desserts, that do not take much effort, that are great to make for an event or a friends or family gathering.

For this recipe, we recommend and use the regular oreo cookies, the classic ones, but you can actually use any type of oreo flavor you prefer.

If you like making easy recipe becaise you don’t want to complicate things, this is the recipe for you. Besides, an important thing to mention is that you don’t need an oven to make these, so it’s even easier than you might have imagined. Simply put them in the fridge for a while so that they are firm and that’s it!

4 ingredient oreo truffles recipe

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4 ingredient oreo truffles

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Prep Time 20 minutes
Refrigeration Time 1 hour
Total Time 1 hour 20 minutes
Course Dessert, Snack
Cuisine American
Servings 24


  • 32 oreo cookies*, regular ones
  • 2/3 C (5.2 oz) (150 gr) cream cheese
  • 1 C (6 oz) (170 gr) semisweet chocolate chips
  • 2 tbsp (1 fl oz) (30 ml) vegetable oil (canola, sunflower oil) or unsalted butter
  • Colorful cake sprinkles (optional)


  • Place the oreo cookies in a blender or food processor and crush them for about 30 seconds until a very fine powder is obtained. Set aside 2 tablespoons of cookies to decorate at the end.
  • Add in the cream cheese and blend for another 20 seconds until a smooth and homogeneous mass is obtained.
  • Form small balls of 1 1/2 tablespoons of dough and place them on a large tray lined with baking paper. There should be approximately 24 truffles. Place the tray with the truffles in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes.
  • Separately, 5 minutes before removing the truffles from the refrigerator, place the chocolate chips with the oil or butter in a microwave-safe bowl and melt in the microwave for 30-second intervals, i.e., put them in the microwave for 30 seconds and take them out and mix a little with a fork. Repeat the process until the chocolate is completely melted (this prevents it from burning).
  • Once the truffles are cold, remove them from the refrigerator to cover them with the chocolate. To do this, with the help of a fork, take each truffle and place it in the dish with the melted chocolate, turning it so that it is covered on all sides. Once well coated, shake it a little to remove the excess chocolate, place it back on the tray and immediately decorate with some graham crackers, sprinkles or with more oreo cookie dust if desired (the leftover from the begining).
  • Repeat the previous step with the rest of the truffles and, once they are all ready, put them back in the refrigerator for at least another 30 minutes. That's it!
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4 ingredient oreo truffles

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