Who are we?

Hi, this is us, the creators of this blog, and we are sisters. Our love for cooking started out years ago, when, as little girls, we saw our mother cook and bake all type of desserts everyday, and our children´s curiosity made us get into the kitchen with her, and she never complained for the mess we made. She taught us the basis of what we now know. We like cooking nearly everything, though the best part is being there side by side with my sister in the kitchen everytime we do it. Our specialty is desserts, since we have always had a sweet-tooth, especially me.

My sister is a perfeccionist, she´s, in reality, the true chef here, while in the kitchen I become something like a “sous chef” for her. She gets upset when something we cook or bake doesn´t turn out right, and she won´t stop researching and trying it again and again untill we get it perfect. Me, I am the artistic part, (besides helping to cook) I photograph the results, and I am in charge of the blog, all of it after having consulted her first, so I think we make a great team. 

So just imagine, in our house there´s always something to eat for dessert, plus, we love giving them away to people close to us. This is why they always ask for recipes, or little secrets to make something turn out better, and in reality is actually pretty easy, but, so that you don´t have to go through all the research and the “try and fail” part through which my sister and I subject ourselves to quite often (for pleasure, I should add) we have created this blog: To give you already-perfected recipes, in an easy-to-understand way with pictures for you to make these recipes and be proud of yourselves.

If we´re eating something, we better cook it ourselves, for us to know and be sure of what we´re really eating.

Irma & Andrea.